Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists

Tourists from China

An industry insider in China pointed out that China has already surpassed Germany and United States and become the world's biggest source of outbound tourists this year. All the countries that want to promote their tourism business in China are ready to attract more tourists from China.

  Tourism welcomed Australia 

The Australian Tourism is an ambitious goal - in the Chinese market in Australia for $ 36 billion, more than double the 2010 total tourism expenditure reached 100 million U.S. dollars, between $ 7,406 and $ 9,022, the total expenditure of one hundred million U.S. dollars, 2020 . This is forecast by Tourism Australia as the figures of the next decade. Overseas arrivals and departures of the Australian Bureau of Statistics recently released data is what is likely to be necessary, the degree of optimism.
February's figures show the music in Asia but continued economic prosperity, more directly, the Chinese continue to boost China's tourism industry in 2011, despite the weakness in some of Australia's traditional markets and economic impact of global natural disasters.

Chinese tourists "wanted" London

Their shelves arrayed with festive goodies London department stores work hard to attract Christmas shopping - Chinese tourists are the target of a special charm offensive.
Hotels, retailers and the government is stepping up efforts to attract Chinese tourists spending big in an attempt to rebound from the British the longest recession in half a century's time.
Porridge and dumplings breakfast enterprising hotel menu, the main London store to install a Chinese bank card terminals, Christmas shopping in the Mandarin-speaking staff on hand to help.
The UK is not only to win over the Chinese tourists, because they are a fast-growing market - in 2011 an estimated 700,000 overseas travel, a year-on-year growth of 20% in just one year - but because they are serious about consumers.

Western countries

Industry in the Western world is ready? The answer is a resounding answer: "No!

Is now clear that this year China will play a huge role in the Western countries, the global travel and tourism purpose only aware of reality, in exchange, they need to meet the masses quickly reach the coast.

China's tourism boom is a relatively new phenomenon in the United States, in which information and communication technologies with European counterparts, did not receive the package tour until 2007, the People's Republic of China "destination country" status.

However, China has arrived in the United States thanks to the no small share of President Barack Obama in unprecedented numbers to simplify visa procedures. It's not just business travelers, and more Chinese people came to the United States of fun.

The 4.300 Chinese business travelers Wyndham Hotel Group to a recent survey found that, this is most likely to mixing business with pleasure, 67% of people said they have been invited to a spouse or family member to join them, and leave the work of the respondents .(via)

Chinese consumers traveling abroad to accumulate experience, more now than ever before, they are looking to leisure travel professional niches, and who do the best planting their feet in the morning to see the market return.

How to attract Chinese tourists

For example, your company has a huge social media department with thousands of Twitter followers and tens of thousands of Facebook likes. Your overall marketing plan work great 80% of the world, about 20% of the target, living in China, state-controlled Renren and Sina Weibo?
The airlines have done considerably lower than the corresponding relations of the retail and hotel industries, in order to attract Chinese tourists, "KLM and Air France have a strong marketing presence in China. Finally, to communicate, to build bridges, welcome to the Chinese company will be those who when the wave hit the floating building.
Over time, economic growth may slow down, China will likely become more discerning with their own money and choose, one thing is clear objective: "The Chinese are coming.
Are you ready?

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