3 main problems of Business in China in 2023-2023

Here are the main difficulties (or changes) that I have encountered with my Chinese clients in recent years:

You have a catalog of 20 products in your range, the Chinese customer wants the 21st

You have signed a new contract with your partner, and your
interlocutor makes you change certain terms of the contract many times before payment

The business you have set up this year will not necessarily be renewed next year

1- Promise to make 100 containers a year, in the end to make only one, and a twenty foot

2- Your Chinese customer wants the same product as your competitor (cheaper of course)

Difficult or even impossible to collect information about the company

3- Email is replaced by wechat

You made a business proposal 3 months ago, the client is waking up now

Your client asks you for the almost impossible

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